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T-Mobile DIGITS App
Note: Due to a Non-Disclosure Agreement, I am unable to publish any explicit images, details of the projects and the clients involved.
T-Mobile wanted to launch a new service and product experience. The goal was to revolutionize how you use your phone number by releasing it from the confines of the device it comes with.
I collaborated in part with a team to create UX and Visual design for T-Mobile’s revolutionary DIGITS app. I was responsible for accessibility-compliant designs and documentation for the iOS platform.
Interactive Design
DIGITS App from T-Mobile

Ramping Up

I met with the lead designer and project manager to get updated with the project at hand as I came on board during the last phase. As recommended, I used the general settings feature on the iPhone 5 and 6 as a guide to help me understand and design keyframe flows. I also referenced Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines and used the voice over feature to help identify key interactions and common patterns.
Apple Human Interface Guidelines


After confirming wireframes with the design lead and project manager, I designed high-fidelity comps based on a custom asset library.
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